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At we pride ourselves in developing a safe and efficient ordering process that is easy to navigate. In just three simple steps you will soon be on your way to having your business, personal, or academic paper 'polished to perfection' by our professional team of experienced and skilled editors and proofreaders.

Step 1- Provide us the details to begin we'll need all the important information specific to your paper. This includes your topic, type of paper, urgency, quality, and academic level along with your subject area and number of pages. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so you can be confident knowing your information will never be shared at our site with anyone.

Step 2- Submit your payment information - we'll need your preferred method of payment. At we accept all major credit cards and use only the most confidential and secure payment processing agent to process your payment. If you are not completly satisfied with our services we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Step 3- Download your completed paper - when your paper is ready for delivery you will be notified via email or message via your account which ever you prefer. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us at so if you are not completely satisfied with our services, we'll do everything to ensure your satisfaction by either revising your paper or offering a full refund-guaranteed!

Why take a chance on this final and most important step to completing your paper, document, manuscript, or web content? At we know how difficult it can be to proofread and edit your own writing especially when you have just spent so much time working on it. Allow our skilled professionals to meticulously refine your papers and polish them to perfection so you don't have to!

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“I pride myself on my writing skills but my grammar skills need work. When it comes time to checking my paper over I always hire a proofreading service to make certain I hand in the very best paper I can.” Gary F.
“Nothing can make a well written paper shine better than the help from a proofreading and editing service. This extra step ensures that my paper follows all the grammatical rules, is formatted correctly, and that my content flows cohesively.” Gregory K.
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